The Dark Room


“Suspense that never stops. If you like Michael Connelly’s novels, you will gobble up Jonathan Moore’s The Dark Room.” –James Patterson

Gavin Cain, an SFPD homicide inspector, is in the middle of an exhumation when his phone rings. San Francisco’s mayor is being blackmailed and has ordered Cain back to the city; a helicopter is on its way. The casket, and Cain’s cold-case investigation, must wait. At City Hall, the mayor shows Cain four photographs he’s received: the first, an unforgettable blonde; the second, pills and handcuffs on a nightstand; the third, the woman drinking from a flask; and last, the woman naked, unconscious, and shackled to a bed. The accompanying letter is straightforward: worse revelations are on the way unless the mayor takes his own life first. An intricately plotted, deeply affecting thriller that keeps readers guessing until the final pages, The Dark Room tracks Cain as he hunts for the blackmailer, pitching him into the web of destruction and devotion the mayor casts in his shadow.

Praise for The Dark Room

A Library Journal “Essential Thriller” of January 2017
An iBooks Best Book of January 2017
A Northern Virginia Magazine Best New Release of January 2017

Quotes for The Dark Room

“Moore channels the moody intensity of Raymond Chandler’s crime fiction and saturates The Dark Room with the brooding cinematic qualities of the mid-20th century’s black-and-white film noir genre…The Dark Room will prompt readers unfamiliar with Moore to seek out his other works, including The Poison Artist, which Stephen King describes as electrifying.” –The Washington Post

“Utterly compelling . . . a stunning story.” – The Daily Mail (UK)

“Sharply conceived and even more sharply written … you won’t find [Cain’s] equal anywhere this side of Michael Connolly’s Harry Bosch.” –The Toronto Star

“Plot lines spill out of the foggy background . . . You will quickly be panting for more. And Moore delivers.” – The Florida Times-Union

“I did not want THE DARK ROOM to end. Ever.” –The Book Reporter

“Exuding noirish elements and utilizing the city’s mean streets to their full, atmospheric effect, The Dark Room oozes dastardly deeds from blackmail to murder – and beyond.” —The Seattle Review of Books

“The Dark Room is a complex, edgy, elegant novel that is at once macabre, menacing and mesmerizing. Moore calls this book “the center panel in a triptych” that started with The Poison Artist. The third, The Night Market is scheduled for 2018. I can’t wait.” —Open Letters Monthly

“Moore’s latest is a blast. His talent cannot be ignored . . . a brilliant writer.” –The Sunday Mail (Zimbabwe)